Frequently Asked Questions

Does RWPC have a Code of Conduct?
When can I join RWPC Water Polo?
What season is Water Polo?
Do I have to tryout or pass a swim test?
How do I join RWPC?
How old do you have to be to play water polo?
What equipment do we have to purchase or wear?
Are parents required or expected to attend practices?
How is playing time determined?
What if my player or I as a parent has questions?
How can I learn the rules of Water Polo?
Who do I see if I have more questions?
Does RWPC offer scholarships?
How do I file a complaint or a concern?

1. Does RWPC have a Code of Conduct?  Yes, click HERE to review.  Upon registering your player with RWPC, you are agreeing to the RWPC Code of Conduct.

2. When can I join RWPC Water Polo?  Renegades Water Polo runs all year long and we welcome your child anytime.   Experienced players as well as those new to water polo are welcome to join RWPC and should register with the age group that matches their age as of the Junior Olympic Year.  Please visit our website at, and go to the "Registration" link to see what season is currently in session. Our water polo seasons and fees are split into four quarters throughout the year: Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  Although you may join anytime, we recommend you start at the beginning of a session.  You may also register for the 2-week free trial.

3. What season is Water Polo? RWPC offers polo in 4 quarterly seasons:  Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  The training intensifies from Fall to Summer, with the Junior Olympic competitions being in the Summer.  Fall runs from September to November and focuses on conditioning.  HS Boys Water Polo is in it’s competitive season in the Fall, so at times, the youth teams may watch a High School game as a practice session to observe and learn.  Winter is from December to February with the HS Girls Water Polo being in season.  Again, some youth practices will include attending and observing the High School games.  Spring season is from approximately March to May, and the Summer season is from approximately June to August. Dates are approximate. We also encourage our players to supplement water polo with swimming competitively or with a swim team.

4. Do I have to tryout or pass a swim test?  Water polo is a competitive, demanding sport that requires proficient swimming skills.  Our philosophy is to be an inclusive program that seeks to develop water polo skills in our community.  If a child is water safe, he or she is welcome to join.

5. How do I join RWPC?  Visit the Renegades website and click on the “Join Now” tab on the club’s website to register.  You will also need to obtain a USA Water Polo membership at  You will need a USA Water Polo membership number, prior to registering with Renegades Water Polo.

6. How old do you have to be to play water polo?  RWPC has players as young as eight years old.   The youngest age group for competition is the 10U CoEd age group.  Please talk to a coach if you are unsure if your player is ready to play water polo.

7. What equipment do we have to purchase or wear?  RWPC has team gear that includes a team speedo, t-shirt and sweatshirt.  All items can be purchased on the website, or during a few special pool deck sale days.  Both boys and girls wear polo caps that are provided by the club for games.  Girls also need to wear swim caps and USAWP rules dictate black/navy caps or white caps depending on what color their team polo cap is for the game.  Please visit the RENEGADES Online Store to purchase team gear.

8.  Are parents required or expected to attend practices? Practices for the 10U age group are open practices and it is up to the parent to stay and watch.   Practices for age groups 12U and higher, are closed practices to allow the players to focus on their coach’s instruction.  If a parent would like to come 10 minutes prior to practice ending, they should remain by the gate at the end of the pool and not on the bleachers.  Parents should also refrain from discussions with coaches during practice sessions.  Closed practices allow for increased focus for the players and less distractions for the coaches.  Open practices will be pre-announced and available for parents to attend.

9. How is playing time determined?  Our program strives to develop the full potential of each player.  Playing time should not be expected to be distributed equally whether it is in a developmental scrimmage, game, or competition.  It is also understood that a player may receive less or no playing time in a game due to lack of attendance or violating RWPC’s Player Code of Conduct.  Distribution of playing time shall be at the discretion of the Head Coaches.

10. What if my player or I as a parent has questions?  RWPC’s coaching staff works very hard at building and strengthening the relationship between the coach and player.  Coaches encourage and value open communication with their players.  If your player has questions about the team he or she is placed on or would like to talk about his or her progress, the first step is for the player to speak directly with his or her coach.  If your player feels his or her questions were not answered, the next step would be for the parent and player to meet with the coach.  Parents should start with their team coordinator if they have any questions or send an email to

11. How can I learn the rules of Water Polo? Visit the USA Water Polo website.

12. Who do I see if I have more questions? Please contact Ryan Williams at

13. Does RWPC offer scholarships?Yes, RWPC does offer scholarships. Scholarships are  based on financial need and are awarded through the application process. To apply for a scholarship please complete this form and return to

14. Does RWPC have a form to file a complaint or concern? Yes, please complete this form and return to Miguel Martin at  A complaint or concern that is received will be reviewed at the next board meeting with a resolution or recommendation.